Year End Review – 2013

As 2013 is finally over, it is time to review the best movies released this past year. As usual Politics and Sports dominated again. This year movies for the international audience were a bare minimum as the Indian audience concentrated

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Fingertip Democracy – the lazy politician

Everyone says greatness can come from anywhere. But I am sure nobody imagined it coming from a cubicle in an IT company surrounded by 800 other such cubicles. That is my story of greatness, of almost greatness. Everyone likes to

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Digital Democracy

More than half the population of India now own mobile phones. Barely half the population of India cast their vote. If half of all the mobile phone owners have never voted, you are staring at a huge potential customer base

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Broken Dreams with a Brilliant Tab!!

I looked forward to my first tab like I might look forward to my first wife. Now your mobile might be your girlfriend, you do not mind changing it, options available are numerous as long as all basic functionalities remain.

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Rahul Gandhi, waste or wasted….

Leaders might be born, might be made, might happen by accident or by necessity, but to expect leadership by sycophancy is stretching it. To shout from rooftops that somebody, who has neither the upbringing nor has shown the intellectual ability

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The West will wait….

An old post for my college blog. Still relevant. For all the hoopla around the entrance in FDI in retail and other sectors, we Indians have not fully comprehended the reasons the west is in such a hurry to set

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Why minorities should vote for the BJP

The Ishrat Jahan case may have judicial authenticity but no one can argue that the timing and the blatancy with which the government is pushing it is a purely political move. With elections around the corner, it it time for

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